Video Hearings

Tuesday 21, September 2021

Video conferencing is now the usual way of attending a hearing. If you prefer to attend in person, please let us know in good time.

VTW Best Practice Protocols

The Valuation Tribunal for Wales has developed a suite of Best Practice Protocols that provide in-depth guidance on the procedures that will be followed when it processes appeals.

1. Before the Hearing

1. Extending Appeal Time Limits

Size: 107.59 KB

2. Listing of Non-Domestic Rating Appeals

Size: 106.8 KB

3. Pre Hearing Review

Size: 110.2 KB

4. Postponement and Adjournment

Size: 106.26 KB

5. Written Representations

Size: 106.29 KB

6. Evidence

Size: 141.66 KB

7. Service of Notices

Size: 99.12 KB

2. The Hearing

1. Conduct of the Hearing

Size: 113.01 KB

2. The Role of the Clerk

Size: 102.58 KB

3. Appellants Non-Attendance

Size: 106.52 KB

4. Hearings in Private

Size: 137.48 KB

5. Video Hearings

Size: 110.43 KB

3. After the Hearing

1. Review of Decision

Size: 107.48 KB

2. Publication of Decisions

Size: 87.03 KB

4. Miscellaneous

1. Professional Representatives

Size: 94.92 KB