Coronavirus (COVID-19): Cancellation of tribunal hearings

Thursday 26, March 2020

All tribunal hearings are currently cancelled. An update on whether meetings will be resumed in July will be posted to this site in mid-June.

VTW Best Practice Protocols

The Valuation Tribunal for Wales has developed a suite of Best Practice Protocols that provide in-depth guidance on the procedures that will be followed when it processes appeals.

1. Before the Hearing

1. Extending Appeal Time Limits

Size: 26.83 KB

2. Listing of Non-Domestic Rating Appeals

Size: 27.01 KB

3. Pre Hearing Review

Size: 31.76 KB

4. Postponement and Adjournment

Size: 34.65 KB

5. Written Representations

Size: 25.21 KB

6. Evidence

Size: 28.08 KB

7. Service of Notices

Size: 23.76 KB

2. The Hearing

1. Conduct of the Hearing

Size: 38.06 KB

2. The Role of the Clerk

Size: 25.38 KB

3. Appellants Non-Attendance

Size: 26.79 KB

4. Hearings in Private

Size: 28.66 KB

3. After the Hearing

1. Review of Decision

Size: 25.58 KB

2. Publication of Decisions

Size: 18.83 KB

4. Miscellaneous

1. Professional Representatives

Size: 21.25 KB