Coronavirus (COVID-19): Resumption of oral hearings

Friday 10, July 2020

Protocol 2A(a) for hearings by video link has been published. Please see the Best Practice Protocols page.

Council Tax Liability Appeals

If you believe that the amount of Council Tax that your Council is charging you is wrong, or that you should not be charged at all, you can appeal to the Valuation Tribunal about your case. However, you can only do so after you have first raised the matter in writing with the Council.

You must allow the Council two months in which to reply to you. If it does not reply within this time, you can appeal to us using the form below. However, you must do so before a total of four months has elapsed since you first wrote to the Council. You can also use the form below to appeal to us if the Council has written back to you within the two months allowed and it has refused your request to alter your Council Tax bill. If you have received such a letter from the Council, you can appeal to us within two months of receiving the letter. You need to send us a copy of the Council's refusal letter at the same time as returning the completed appeal form to us.


Appeal Form and Guidance

CTL Appeal Form

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Guidance Notes on the Council Tax Liability Appeal Form

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