Accessibility Statement

The Valuation Tribunal Service for Wales is committed to making its website as accessible as possible to all users, to fulfil its public service mandate and to meet its statutory obligations as defined by the Disability Discrimination Act. The website has been developed with usability and special features to allow people with visual impairments to use the site. The site has been tested against, and has passed, AA compliance standards.

Shortcut Keys

This site has been designed to be as user-friendly and as easy to read as possible knockoff watches. Keyboard shortcuts are intended to help users who have difficulty in using pointing devices such as a mouse. This website uses the UK Government accesskey system. The keyboard shortcut commands available are as follows:

Depending upon browser type, please use one of the following:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 5, 6 - press "alt" and the letter then press the enter key;
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 - press "alt", the letter and press the enter key;
  • Safari (Mac) - press the "CTRL" key and press the number or letter of the access key;

(this accessibility initiative is supported by Netscape 6.)

The following are the shortcut keys used within the site as per the recommended UK Government accesskeys standard:

S - Skip navigation
1 - Home page
3 - Site map
4 - Search
6 - Help
8 - Terms and conditions
0 - Access key details

Controlling text and colours in web browsers

Within browsers there are settings that can be chosen to help users view information on this website. Font sizes, styles, colours, and foreground and background colours of web pages displayed on a computer screen can be changed imitation watches, even if the author of the web page has already specified these. The colour used to indicate links in web pages, or a special colour for links that are used only when the mouse passes over the link, can also be specified by the user.

This is useful for users with impaired vision, who may need larger fonts or high-contrast colours. Internet Explorer can be set to use specific colours and fonts, the default Windows colours and fonts, or individual user settings.

The following guidelines can be used by users of Internet Explorer or Netscape browsers to enlarge the size of the text and control the colours on display screens.

Microsoft Internet Explorer for PC

Open Internet Explorer Web Browser
Select 'Tools' from the menu at the top of the window
From the options which appear, select 'Internet options....'
Click on the 'General' tab
Click on the button marked 'Accessibility'
To change the font size, select the checkbox marked 'Ignore font sizes specified on Web pages'
To remove background and font colours, select the checkbox marked 'Ignore colours specified on web pages'
Click OK (and again if necessary)

Select 'View' from the menu at the top of the window
From the options which appear, select 'Text size'
Select the desired text size

Microsoft Internet Explorer for Apple Mac

Open Internet Explorer Web Browser
Select the 'edit' menu at the top of the window
From the options menu which appears, select 'preferences'
Click on 'web content'
Deselect the button marked 'show style sheets'
Return to the list of preferences
Click on 'web browser'
Select 'language/fonts'
Select the font size required


The Valuation Tribunal Service for Wales does not endorse the use of specific browsers. We have tried to ensure that as many of the browsers that are commonly used today have been catered for.


Some of the documents on our site are only available in PDF format. Some PDF format documents are not created by the Valuation Tribunal Service for Wales, but we are required to publish them. Some PDF format documents are converted documents from our earlier websites.

Alternative file formats

Users requiring a file in an alternative format to that which is currently available on this website should contact us. We will do our best to accommodate all requests.