Coronavirus (COVID-19): Resumption of oral hearings

Friday 10, July 2020

Protocol 2A(a) for hearings by video link has been published. Please see the Best Practice Protocols page.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Our plans for future hearings

The tribunal will be resuming the administrative process of listing cases for hearing in July. The hearings themselves will be scheduled to take place in September onwards.

We are planning for parties to present their cases by video link wherever possible, in order to limit the number of individuals present at the hearing venue. A new protocol has been introduced to explain how this will be managed. (Protocol 2A(a))

In the meantime the Tribunal is continuing to undertake the disposal of appeals under its formal Written Representation procedures. These procedures can only be undertaken where all parties to an appeal agree to continuance in this way. The Tribunal is contacting parties where it believes agreement on adopting Written Representation procedures may be reached. If you would like to resolve your appeal in this way, please let us know and we will discuss with you how this may be put into effect.

Please email us on correspondencevaluationtribunalwales

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